Onsite Residential Water Recycling Systems Could Help Southern California Save Water

Article by Sharon Steiner, Business Unit Manager, Wastewater. The American Southwest has been experiencing higher than average temperatures and increasing drought. With increasing percentages of land experiencing extreme drought conditions, water allocation becomes increasingly contested. Even though some areas of  [Read More]

November 24, 2017

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Member Benefits: Office Supplies Savings

Every company has an office to provide infrastructure to their business and every office uses business supplies. Through a partnership with Staples Advantage/Corporate Express, SOWMA members may take advantage of savings of 60% or more on stationery and shop supplies. [Read More]

Artificial Sweeteners in Groundwater Indicate Contamination from Septic Systems

Researchers from the University of Waterloo have found evidence that artificial sweeteners are making their way into rural groundwater through septic system wastewater. The study describes how the researchers tested private, rural groundwater wells in the Nottawasaga River Watershed in [Read More]

Winter Is Here – Maintenance Tips To Help Prepare For Cold Weather Impacts On Onsite Wastewater Systems

The next couple months are the perfect time to begin fall maintenance on onsite wastewater systems to ensure they function well over the cold winter months. Maintenance is the key to the sustainability and longevity of septic systems. Some simple [Read More]