Applying for a Permit in the Saskatoon Area

The Saskatchewan Health Authority office in charge of the Saskatoon region will be sending out a letter to contractors working in that area about permitting and design requirements in the Saskatchewan Onsite Disposal Guide.

Some of the things they want to stress are:

  • Monitoring ports are mandatory. Review the guide for information on how many monitoring reports are required. This varies depending on the system being designed.
  • Know which annex must be submitted for the different systems.
  • Contractors must use either the worksheets in the Annexes or the worksheets provided by SOWMA. Worksheets must be up-to-date with the current guide.
  • Swale diversions are required for systems that are subject to surface water run-off.
  • Both hydraulic and linear loading must be used for system sizing. The hydraulic loading rate determines the area of the system; the linear loading determines the length and width of the system.
  • Anyone using recycled rubber tire shred for drain media must produce a current certification from the manufacturer that the product meets the requirement of the guide. Each system design must include a certificate specific to the product used in that particular system.

This information as well as other areas of concern will be shared to ensure that permit paperwork is complete when submitted. Contractors who are unsure about permitting design requirements or who need training or support are encouraged to contact SOWMA: 306-988-2102.