Avoiding Trenching & Excavation Hazards

Cave-ins and collapses are real, everyday risks for workers in trenches and excavations.

In fact, the Spot the Safety Violation featured in this special report shows a picture of the aftermath of a trench collapse that left rescuers working for nearly an hour to save a trapped worker.

How could this have been avoided?

Download OHS Insider’s latest special report, Avoiding Trenching & Excavation Hazards, to discover:

  • Steps to take to avoid a trench collapse
  • The 4 Steps OHS regulations require for trenching and excavating safety
  • Exactly what steps you need to take to ensure safety when trenching and excavating in the Trench/Excavation Safety Checklist
  • 8 Common Trench & Excavation Hazards
  • And much more!

Use the articles in this report to train workers and keep the checklist for your own use when trenching and excavating is being done.

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