Did You Provide Your Comments on the Draft Guideline?

The Ministry of Health released the draft Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Guideline to the public for review at the end of June.  Stakeholders were given until August 17, 2018 to submit their comments and concerns.

SOWMA responded to the Ministry with a complete summary review of the key changes.  Positive changes include:

  • A more detailed glossary.
  • An increase in septic tank working capacity to include a factor for sludge and scum accumulation and additional water use fixtures.
  • A change to the average flow per person from 56 gallons/day to 50 gallons/day.
  • A single detailed site and soil investigation to determine the site’s capability of treating and dispersing the effluent.
  • The use of linear loading in system design.
  • Updated hydraulic and linear loading tables.
  • The inclusion of the LFH At-Grade as a technology for use in Saskatchewan.
  • The reorganization of the guideline to make it more user-friendly.

SOWMA provided some suggestions for further change and clarification in some areas, however overall the proposed changes are largely positive and will provide for more robust and sustainable onsite systems at the end of the day.

For a copy of the full response from SOWMA to the Ministry, call our office at: 306-988-2102