National Prairie Day 2020

A wide swath of central North America is comprised of flat grassland running from the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan down to Texas. Prairies are home to a wide variety of wildlife including prairie dogs, prairie chickens, buffalo, bison, elk, deer, rabbits, hawks, and foxes. Diverse native prairie plantings offer year-round food, shelter and nesting grounds for habitat.

Founded by the Missouri Prairie Foundation in 2016, National Prairie Day is celebrated the first Saturday of June every year.


  • Enhance public awareness of what prairie is, educate about its value, and motivate all who learn about prairie to be inspired to support prairie protection, conservation, restoration, enjoyment, and the ecological concepts found there.
  • Create curiosity and celebrate and encourage a national dialogue around the common ground of the historic and current value of prairie.
  • Recognize the vital importance of conserving the original prairie that remains, and the need to reconstruct native grasslands where appropriate.
  • Celebrate what we can learn, and have yet to discover, from prairie.
  • Discover how each of us benefits from this complex ecosystem.
  • Bring together otherwise disparate entities, united on common ground, towards a common goal.