Field Training Available (Mound Installation)

The Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association will be holding a Mound Installation Field Day for those interested in learning more about designing and installing mounds.

Registrants participating in this training session will focus on the following outcomes:

– Understand the basic principles of how mounds work – treatment in sand layer and dispersal horizontally. Apply soil evaluation information. Understand ground water mounding.

– Learn mound design configurations and materials; sand layer, fill, gravel, chambers.

– Basic knowledge of utilizing topography of installation site.

– Know factors in locating the mound – slope vs. level, clearance separations, vertical separations, fill materials for raised bed.

– Ability to design pressure distribution laterals for mound, orientation of orifices, spacing, preferred vs. cost.

– Knowledge of and ability to apply requirements of Standard of Practice:

– Ability to interpret mound design worksheet

– Ability to complete mound design worksheet

– Ability to describe construction practices.

– Ability to perform clarity test on sand.

– Identify typical mound failure.

– Ability to apply soil characteristics at site to mound design, identify key material requirements and calculate mound size.

Where: Delisle, SK
When: October 4, 2013

Weather: Training will take place regardless of weather

Registration Fee: Members – $275.00 + tax
Non-members – $375.00 + tax

Registration is now closed.