Industry Survey Completed

In an effort to support the proposed changes to the Private Sewage Works Regulation, SOWMA recently performed a phone and email survey of its stakeholders to gauge support for mandatory training and certification in the province.

Stakeholders were asked questions related to the region they work in, scope of work, whether or not they have completed a training program, whether or not they support mandatory training and certification for the onsite wastewater industry and what kind of timeline should be set for installers to complete training.

Results were collated and sent to Saskatchewan Health to support their proposed changes at the Cabinet level.

Out of 164 respondents to the survey, SOWMA was able to gather the following information:
• 97% of those surveyed support a requirement for training and certification for those designing and installing onsite wastewater systems in the province.
• 70% of those surveyed feel that a year is an adequate window of time in which to allow installers to participate in a training program and become certified.
• 60% of those surveyed have already participated in a training program for the design and installation of onsite wastewater systems.
The most common reasons given for support of training and certification were:
• A need to protect the groundwater.
• To ensure that consistent quality of installations are occurring that protect the homeowners investment, public health and the environment.
• A need to professionalize the industry in the eyes of the general public.
• A need to ensure that systems are being designed and installed that meet or exceed the Private Sewage Works Regulation and the Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide.