New Permitting Process Implemented in Prairie North Health Region

The Prairie North Health Region is implementing a new permit process for onsite wastewater for the 2016 installation season.

Going forward, homeowners will only be able to apply for a permit for a sewage holding tank. All other septic systems must be designed and installed by certified installers or contractors. Contractors who are not certified but have demonstrated adequate knowledge and abilities in system design and install may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. The permit fee of $30.00 is part of the regulation and will be maintained. Under the regulation a fee of $100.00 may be charged for reinspection should a system not pass its initial inspection.

An administration fee of $100.00 will now be charged for application review and the initial site visit or system approval for the sewage system installed. Any subsequent site inspections will be subject to a further charge of $100.00 per visit up to $300.00 total per permit plus the $30.00 permit fee.

PRNHA has a slide show available to contractors outlining how to use the ISC website to access legal parcel drawings and plot diagrams. Sample worksheets for system design and sizing are available from PRNHA or from the SOWMA member interface on the website.

Permit applications may now be completed and submitted electronically. A single point of contact has been created for all permit applications. Permits throughout the PNRHA are submitted to one person via Standardized forms have been developed for this purpose. A list detailing what supporting documentation is required with the permit application is listed on page two of the application. More information is available by calling 1.888.298.0202.

Receipts and system approval letters will be generated and emailed back to the permit applicant. Receipts and system approvals are not valid unless signed in ink or digitally by one of the public health inspectors in the PNRHA.

Certificates of Approval will now be automatically generated and emailed back to applicants once the system has been approved and all inspections are conducted. Certificates of Approval are not valid unless signed in ink or digitally by one of the public health inspectors in the PNRHA.