Website Changes Forthcoming

WCOWMA and its provincial chapters are undergoing some long-overdue updates to our websites. The website build is coming along nicely and we will be moving from the ‘construction’ phase to the ‘editing’ phase in the next couple of weeks. Once [Read More]

Saskatchewan Health Authority Letter (June 10, 2022)

The Saskatoon office of the Saskatchewan Health Authority released a letter on June 10, 2022 regarding the Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide, November 2018. The information in the letter is pertinent to all contractors who design and install onsite wastewater systems [Read More]

Applying for a Permit in the Saskatoon Area

The Saskatchewan Health Authority office in charge of the Saskatoon region will be sending out a letter to contractors working in that area about permitting and design requirements in the Saskatchewan Onsite Disposal Guide. Some of the things they want [Read More]

Death By Pipe: Birds In Crisis

Significant danger to wildlife is posed by open 4” vertical PVC or Big-O pipes, and open valve boxes. Open or uncapped vertical pipes spread on the landscape for many utilitarian purposes pose a very real hazard to wildlife, especially birds. [Read More]

Saskatchewan Education Day and Annual General Meeting

Saskatchewan will be holding a virtual education day on April 14, 2022.  The Association Annual General Meeting will be held at the same time. Attendees will participate in presentations from industry stakeholders to prepare them for the upcoming installation season. [Read More]